Industrial Products

Rock Drill Oil

Enhance™ Rock Drill Oil

Enhance™ Rock Drill Oil is formulated with high quality base stocks in combination with additives for extreme pressure performance, rust and corrosion protection, tackiness, and foam resistance. This product protects against the heavy shock loads of rock drill service and provides an adhesive film that clings to lubricated parts.

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Enhance™ Multi-Purpose EP Lithium Grease

Enhance™ Multi-Purpose EP Lithium Grease 2 is a lithium stearate grease with a smooth texture and a >350°F dropping point. Combining these properties with excellent resistance to water washing makes this product ideally suited for use as multi-purpose grease under normal temperature and speed conditions. This product possesses outstanding resistance to water washing, excellent performance under mechanical shearing, and provides excellent lubrication at temperatures from 0 to 265°F.

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Enhance™ Hi-Temp EP Lithium Complex Grease

Enhance™ Hi-Temp EP Lithium Complex Grease 2 is a premium quality, lithium complex multi-purpose grease. This product is recommended for fleet commercial, automotive, and industrial applications. The primary application is in high temperature operations such as wheel bearings on vehicles equipped with conventional, disc and antilock braking systems. This grease will protect wheel bearings on cars, trucks, buses, vans and farm equipment with disc brakes, even under heavy loads and shock loading. This particular product eliminates the need to inventory other greases, as it may be used in wheel…

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Enhance™ 0886 Grease

Enhance™ 0886 Grease #2.5 is an outstanding multi-purpose, extreme pressure (EP) Lithium Hydroxy grease. This product is recommended for extended service in heavy duty automotive, trucks, buses, farm tractors and construction equipment. The low bleed characteristic is particularly used in poorly sealed bearings. Enhance Grease 0886 #2.5 can also be used in lubricating many types if industrial machinery where polylithium-EP grease is specified.

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Hydraulic Fluid

Enhance™ Premium 6000 AW Hydraulic Fluid

Enhance™ Premium 6000 AW Hydraulic Fluid is a superior anti-wear hydraulic and circulating fluid specially formulated with Group II high VI quality base oils and improved thermally stable, long life additives. This oil offers outstanding resistance to sludge formation, reduces water washout additive depletion, are chemically stable, and exhibit excellent anti-wear protection.

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Enhance™ HydraFlo

Enhance™ HydraFlo is a high-quality, anti-wear hydraulic fluid formulated from hydro-treated, group II base oils, and advance additive technology. This product provides cost effective and reliable protection and performance in both mobile and stationary industrial applications under normal operating conditions and standard oil intervals.

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Saw Guide Oil

Enhance™ Saw Guide Oil

Enhance™ Saw Guide oils are premium quality oils specially designed and tested for modern multi-blade, gang saws and edgers. This product is formulated to provide optimum tackiness and reduced friction for increased recovery rates and sawmill productivity.

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Spindle Oil

Enhance™ Spindle Oil

Enhance™ Spindle Oils are low viscosity, solvent refined mineral oil blended with zinc free additives, to provide extended performance in the high-speed spindles of machine tools.

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Way Lubricant

Enhance™ Way Lubricant

Enhance™ Way Lubricants are premium slide-way lubricants which are formulated to protect slide-ways which carry machine tools in severe environments. These lubricants are premium slide-way lubricants which are formulated to protect slide-ways which carry machine tools in severe environments.

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Other Industrial Products

Enhance™ Process Oil

Enhance™ Process Oil 100 is a highly refined paraffinic oil formulated to provide excellent lubricity as a brick or form release oil.

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Enhance™ Tri-Purpose Cutting Oil

Enhance™ Tri-Purpose Cutting Oil 110 is a high performance multi-purpose product formulated to perform the functions of a cutting oil, hydraulic fluid, and machine lubricant in one. It is chlorine-free, non-staining and non-corrosive. This multi-purpose performance eliminates the need for a machine lubricant, which could contaminate the cutting fluid. This oil is resistant to foaming, and contains a highly effective anti-mist agent. This fluid is recommended for use in a broad range of machining applications on non-ferrous and ferrous metals where the machining requirements range from light…

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Enhance™ Industrial Gear Oil

Enhance™ Industrial EP Gear Oils are premium gear lubricants formulated to provide optimum performance and protection in nearly all types of enclosed gear sets. These oils are blended with selected grades of high-viscosity index and thermally stable paraffinic base stocks and fortified with an advanced additive system designed to deliver ultimate protection against gear and bearing wear, rust, oxidation, and hydrolytic decomposition. With a chlorine-free formulation, disposal will remain worry-free.

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Enhance™ GP Fluid

Enhance™ General-Purpose Fluid is blended from highly refined base oils which offer protection from rust, corrosion, and foaming. It is designed to help keep systems clean and prevent wear and pump cavitation. This fluid is suitable for use in applications where anti-wear hydraulic oil or premium R&O Products are not required.

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